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 Sarah Carter, M.Sc.

Why do I work at UCR? I am a staunch believer in the value of the liberal arts and sciences model of education. It is via this model that students have the opportunity to hone their critical thinking skills and develop a well-rounded knowledge base. Rather than gaining knowledge in one specific field, I feel the key outcome of this education model is to give students the skills and perspective to continue to learn and adapt, thereby enabling them to face new problems as they arise is this rapidly changing world.

What is interesting about my discipline? I believe that most societies face complex problems and that the best solutions to those problems must rely on complex ways of understanding. Research methods and statistics are important skills to pass on to the next generation of global citizens because they provide us with tools for understanding and, ultimately, improving society. Furthermore, regardless of your discipline, having a good foundation in methods and statistics is essential to becoming a conscientious consumer of information.



Sarah Carter is an instructor in Methods and Statistics. She received her Master of Science in Sociology from Valdosta State University in 2004. Before joining UCR she worked as an evaluation researcher for various non-profit organizations in the United States of America. This research served to address community needs and improve the conditions of marginalized groups by providing agencies with quality information to inform their decisions about priorities, services, and resources that impact communities. The focus of this research was on early childhood learning and providing linkages to services and other sources of support for at-risk families.



Recent publications

  • de Jong, S., Donkersgoed, R. V., Renard, S., Carter, S., Bokern, H., Lysaker, P., … Pijnenborg, M. (2018). Social-cognitive risk factors for violence in psychosis: A discriminant function analysis. Psychiatry Research 265(April), 9399.




Methods & Statistics 

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