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 Dr. Marcel Zwitser

 Dr. Marcel S. Zwitser (1970) studied Music theory at the Christelijke Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Constantijn Huygens afdeling Conservatorium (today’s ArtEZ Conservatorium in Zwolle) and musicology at Utrecht University. In November 2012, he obtained his PhD with an interdisciplinary research in systematic theology and musicology on Lutheran pneumatology and its influence on J.S. Bach (Göttliche Liebes=Flamme. De lutherse leer van de Heilige Geest en haar invloed op Johann Sebastian Bach).

Since 1998, Zwitser is teaching music and culture history at the Schumann Akademie (Zwolle) and at several HOVO’s (Hoger Onderwijs voor Ouderen). Since 2010, he annually lectures at the Crescendo Summer Institute (Sárospatak, Hungary), a summer academy for music students. He also works as a Music journalist for the Nederlands Dagblad (since 1998).

In the course Christianity – a Force in Shaping Western Culture, he combines the two disciplines of his dissertation: theology and the arts.



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