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 Sophie Krier

Sophie Krier (LU / BE), artist and researcher, develops tools for collective narration and reflection. She is particularly interested in the oscillating movement between dream and reality, and form and non-form. Initially trained in textile design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, today she interweaves stories at the intersection of art & ecology that connect beings and places. In her editorial practice she combines education, artistic research and interventions in public space. She curated and moderated exhibitions and symposia on questions related to craft and industry, the future of education, the ethics of materials, visual culture, artistic tactics for urban ecology, the question of inhabiting frontiers and the art of seeing. Between 2004 and 2009 she directed the undergraduate course designLAB (Rietveld Academie, NL). In 2008, Krier initiated Field Essays, an ongoing research on how to restitute creation processes, which takes among others the form of a series of books published by Onomatopee. On invitation of University College Roosevelt (NL), Krier recently developed Art & Design Practice: a new program in the spirit of Liberal Arts & Sciences, which she currently teaches each fall semester.


Related works & publications

  • Another lecture, online lecture about The World, The Work and We.​
  • Shine on Sishane, visual account of a weeklong field trip to Istanbul with Bachelor students from the Rietveld Academie
  • Video portrait of Sophie Krier, 2009 (Dutch spoken)
  • MOTI Talks, I DON’T KNOW WHERE I’M GOING BUT I WANT TO BE THERE, a conference  on visual culture curated by Sophie Krier




  • A&H 293 Intermediate Art & Design Practice
  • A&H 392 Advanced Art & Design Practice 
​​Art & Design Practice
P.O. Box 94
NL-4330 AB Middelburg
Office hours in E 0.01: by appointment in Fall Semesters
Tel. 0118-655500 or
+31 (0) 6 14242878
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