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 Dr. Ir. Rick de Lange

UCR has invited me to join the project team assigned to develop the Department for Engineering. I have been involved in the development of these plans since the very first start and am really looking forward to the implementation. Building the curriculum and creating the necessary facilities are the challenges for the coming year.

My childhood years were spend in Terneuzen, where I finished high school on the “Petrus Hondius” (now “de Rede”) in 1981. Afterwards, I studied Applied Physics in Eindhoven and finished my PhD in Mechanical Engineering (“Modelling of premised laminar flames”, 1992).

Since that time, I am employed at TU/e studying topics related to Energy Engineering. This ranges from heat transfer processes in gas turbines to the dynamic study of integral energy systems. Recently, I have also taken up research in the field of IPMC applied as a soft actuator for a peristaltic pump. On the other hand, I have been director of education for all (one BSc and 5 MSc) programs of the department of Mechanical Engineering (2010-2016) and currently am responsible lecturer (2015-now) for the general engineering course “Engineering Design”. In this project-based course all approx. 1800 second year TU/e students are challenged to design, realize and test an autonomous active sports-aid for a user with a physical or mental disability.



P.O. Box 94
NL-4330 AB Middelburg
Office hours: by appointment
Tel. 0118-655500