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 Niels Rijke

​Niels Rijke (1989) has been an external Ph.D. researcher at University College Roosevelt since January 2015.  He is an alumnus of UCR (Class of 2010). Next to his job, he is working on Ph.D. research which focuses on the personnel appointment policy of orthodox-protestant primary and secondary schools in The Netherlands from a human rights perspective. If these schools make a distinction in their appointment policy on grounds of religion, gender, sexual orientation and marital status this leads to a clash between different human rights. The freedom of education, religion and association on the one hand, and the right to equal treatment and privacy on the other hand. The legal framework is researched, as well as the practice in these schools. This research deals with developments within these schools on topics of marriage, sexuality, gender relations and religious obligations, as well as opinions on these issues among orthodox-protestant communities. His promotor is prof. Barbara Oomen and the co-promotor is dr. Gerdien Bertram-Troost (VU Amsterdam). Dr. Wibo van Rossum (Erasmus University Rotterdam) was a co-promotor until his death in 2018.​


External Ph.D. Researcher

Contact via: ​LinkedIn