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 Silke Vogelsang

Silke Vogelsang (1978) is a PhD-researcher at University College Roosevelt. She holds a BA and MA in Foreign Language Acquisition and Teaching, as well as an MA in Development Education and Global Learning with the Institute of Education/University College London.

Silke has worked for more than fifteen years as a foreign language teacher in formal education, both in secondary schools as well as in initial teacher training. Her interest and experience in Human Rights Education and Global Education has resulted in a PhD-project addressing the intersection between both her fields of expertise: her project ‘Bridging Wor(l)ds - Investigating Common Humanity in the Cosmopolitan Foreign Language Classroom’ is exploring if and how foreign language education in formal schools may contribute to a global learning dimension, promoting intercultural solidarity. In 2016, Silke received the ‘Doctoral Grant for Teachers’ by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and is conducting her research in schools in Amsterdam, Berlin and London. She is supervised by Prof. Barbara Oomen, Prof. Felisa Tibbitts and Dr. Marcin Sklad.

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External Ph.D. Researcher