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 Dr. Inez Flameling

Why I work at UCR:  I work at UCR because it is an inspiring organization, with motivated students from all over the world and colleagues from all disciplines. If you like working across disciplines, with intelligent and enthusiastic people, UCR is the place to be!
What’s interesting about my discipline:

Ecology is a field that is of paramount importance in the world we currently live in. I am convinced that in general people should know much more about nature and our environment, in order to make sound decisions about how we deal with nature. But apart from that, ecology and biology in general appeals to our “biophilia”: humans innate love of nature. It is a science that has very direct connections to the world around us. 

I am also convinced that scientists should make a greater contribution to public and policy discussions. Science is of paramount important in today’s society. Health, environment, technology, transportation, spatial planning, and many other sectors of society are informed and inspired by science. I think future scientists should be trained to communicate about science to a wide audience and to feel comfortable taking part in policy discussions.


I am a marine biologist by training & obtained my Ph. D. at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (now Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)  in 1998 on the adaptation of marine microalgae to fluctuating irradiances, caused by vertical mixing of the water column. Part of the work for this thesis was carried out at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York.

After obtaining my Ph.D. I worked as a science communication officer for the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, and as Policy Advisor for the strategy department of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water management in the Hague. During this period I published the book Hoogwater, concerning the Dutch water management in the past and in the future. In addition, I wrote the “Isis” future scenarios, which were used to generate a corporate discussion about the long-term strategy of the ministry.
On the side, I am also a PADI dive instructor. From 2002 – 2014 I ran my own dive center Oceanus, and organized marine biology educational trips to Egypt for SNP Nature travels and diving activities for the youth travel organization Vinea.
During my Ph.D. studies I attended a postgraduate science journalism program. Since 1996 I have worked as a freelance science journalist and written a large number of popular scientific articles for various journals, including BionieuwsDuikenEOSVisserijnieuws, Waterkampioen and various newspapers.

Key Publications

In English

  • Flameling, I.A., Kromkamp, J. (1994) Responses of respiration and photosynthesis of Scenedesmus protuberans Fritsch to gradual and steep salinity increases. Journal of Plankton Res. Vol. 16: pp. 1781-1791.
  • Flameling, I.A., Kromkamp, J. (1995) Regulation of photosynthesis of Phaeocystis Globosa in fluctuating light conditions. In: P. Mathis (ed.), Photosynthesis: from light to biosphere. Vol. V, 797-800. Kluwer Academic Publishers.
  • Flameling, I.A., Kromkamp, J. (1997) Photoacclimation of Scenedesmus protuberans (Chlorophyceae) to fluctuating irradiances simulating vertical mixing. Journal of Plankton Res. Vol.19: pp. 1011-1024.
  • Flameling, I.A. (1998). Growth and photosynthesis of eukaryotic microalgae in fluctuating light conditions, induced by vertical mixing. 136 pages. Ph.D. Thesis, Catholic University of Nijmegen/Netherlands Institute of Ecology.
  • Flameling, I.A., Kromkamp, J. (1998). Light dependence of quantum yields for PSII charge separation and oxygen evolution in eucaryotic algae. Limnology and Oceanography (journal) Vol. 43, Issue 2, pp. 284-297.
  • Riegman, R., I. A. Flameling, A. A. M. Noordeloos (1998). Size-fractionated uptake of ammonium, nitrate and urea and phytoplankton growth in the North Sea during spring 1994. Marine Ecology Progress Series Vol. 173: pp. 85–94.

In Dutch

  • Flameling, I.A. (2003). Hoogwater, 50 jaar na de watersnoodramp. 184 pages. Kosmos/Z&K, ISBN 9021539659. (A memorial book for the 1953 storm surge that killed almost 2000 people in the Netherlands).
  • Flameling, I.A. (2002). ISIS scenariowerkboek. Rijkswaterstaat.
  • Saeijs, H.L.F., Flameling, I.A., Adriaanse, L.A. (1999). Eco-pragmatisme: Omgaan met rivieren, delta’s, kust en zee in de 21e eeuw. In: De Staat van Water: Opstellen over juridische, technische, financiële en politiek-bestuurlijke aspecten van waterbeheer. Eds. A.van Hall, Th.G. Drupsteen & H.J.M. Havekes (pp. 29-42). Vermande.


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