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 Dr. Renata van der Weijden

Dr. Renata van der Weijden’s vision for Earth and Environmental Science education at University College Roosevelt is to teach a coherent set of classes to introduce and enthuse students to the magnificent way the earth works as a system and in addition create awareness of the responsibility of humanity to govern the earth’s resources and how this can be done.

Renata’s teaching experience includes Sampling and Statistics, Multivariate Data Analysis, Geochemical Analysis Methods, Environmental Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Environmental Research Seminar, Environmental Science Laboratory. Renata obtained her University Teaching Certificate from Delft University of Technology (2005) and her Senior Teaching Qualification (UCR) in 2010. Currently she is Associate Professor (2011) at University College Roosevelt and teaches six courses and has taught a research course in Dutch Water Management after obtaining a grant from Sirius (VSNU) in 2010. 

Besides teaching at University College Roosevelt, she also teaches bio-crystallization modules for Masters and PhD students at Wageningen University ( and at WETSUS (Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, and a module in Introduction Environmental Technology.

Her previous work in Geology and Geochemistry (Utrecht University 1981- 1987 and 1989- 1995), Chemical Oceanography (Florida State University, 1988-1989), Resource Engineering (Technical University Delft 1998-2004) and her current research position in Environmental Technology (Wageningen University 2005-present) provide the course contents with a broad research dimension and with actual research in the upper level Earth Science and the laboratory courses. In 2014-2015, she was a visiting professor at the highly ranked Hope College in Holland, Michigan.  

Various undergraduate research projects have been carried out within regular courses: (i) Sulfur reduction in ores; (ii) Storage of radioactive waste in various geological settings, Carbon sequestration versus radioactive waste management, Carbon sequestration and the global CO2 cycle; (iii) Flood risk perception in Zeeland Delta, Consequences of Dutch Delta Water Management and The value of water; (iv) Sediment cells as sensors for pollution; (v) The aspirin oily phase during aspirin synthesis; (vi) Leaching properties and toxicity of slags. 

Renata van der Weijden‘s research interests include (bio)crystallization phenomena, technological solutions for the recovery/cleaning of resources (solids and water), geochemical cycling of the elements, radionuclide geochemistry, water-rock/coast interaction. Practical laboratory work and geological fieldwork are also at the heart of her work.


PCT/NL2015/050492 “Process for recovering elemental selenium from wastewater  S.P.W. Hageman, R.D. van der Weijden, C.N.J. Buisman, 2015.

Patent 1025050: “Method for the recovery of non –ferro metal particles from particle streams.”  R.D. van der Weijden, P.C. Rem, Delft University of Technology, 2004. (Sold to US and Japan) 

Recent Publications

Microbial selenium sulfide reduction for selenium recovery from wastewater S.P.W. Hageman,, R.D. van der Weijden, A.J.M. Stams, P. van Cappellen, C.J.N. Buisman. Journal or Hazardous Materials 2017, 329, 110-119 (to be published in May).

Calcium phosphate granulation in anaerobic treatment of black water: a new approach to phosphorus recovery. Tervahauta, T., Van der Weijden, R.D., Flemming, R.L., Zeeman, G. and Buisman, C.N.J. Water Research 2014, 48 (1) 632-642.

Calcite growth: Rate dependence on saturation, on ratios of dissolved calcium and (bi)carbonate and on their complexes. Van Der Weijden, C.H., Van Der Weijden, R.D. Journal of Crystal Growth 2014, 394, pp. 137-144.

Copper recovery combined with electricity production in a Microbial Fuel Cell. Annemiek Ter Heijne, Fei Liu, Renata van der Weijden, Jan Weijma, Cees J.N. Buisman, and Hubertus V.M. Hamelers.  Environmental Science and Technology, 2010, 44 (11), 4376-4381.

Biological scorodite crystallization. P. Contreira Gonzalez, J.Weijma, R.D. van der Weijden, C.N.J. Buisman. Environmental Science and Technology, 2010, 44, (2), 675 -680.


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