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 Dr. Ir. Richard van den Doel

 Why I work at UCR: UCR is a small institution offering courses in a wide range of disciplines. I collaborate with colleagues with a completely different background having other smart ideas about teaching, learning and research; these different approaches are highly valued by our students. As a result of the small class size, I truly know all my students and I see their development in the courses they take with me. A Liberal Arts & Sciences program is really about exploring ones interests. It is great to hear the ambitions and plans for the future of our students. Our educational system offers many opportunities to our students and has hardly any limitations. Our expectations are high; instructors and students work very hard and do the best they can. As Senior Tutor I support students who encounter difficulties during their studies at UCR. UCR has a support system in place such that we can help struggling students as soon as possible to get them back on track.

What is interesting about my disciplines: I teach courses in Mathematics and in Physics. It should not come as a surprise that these are the most challenging disciplines. Both disciplines require abstract reasoning and every theorem comes with a proof. Results are very precisely defined. The consequences of one result are usually much larger than expected at first sight. Furthermore, Mathematics, but also Physics, is applied in many other disciplines, such as biology and economics; Mathematics and Physics are supportive to other disciplines. Students completing a hard-sciences (Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science) program at UCR move on to interesting MSc programs.


Richard van den Doel was born and raised in the province of Zeeland. This is another reason why he likes his work at UCR so much! He got his MSc degree in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology in 1997. He got his PhD degree in 2002 from the same university. His PhD focused on the monitoring of dynamic processes in microarrays using quantitative microscopic techniques. He continued to work in the same research group as a PostDoc from 2002 to 2004. This project involved a collaboration with the Unilever Research Laboratory in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. In 2004 he started working at UCR as lecturer in Mathematics and Physics and as a tutor. In 2012 he dropped his tutor task and became Senior Tutor. In that capacity, he manages the tutoring system. Over the years he has supervised many undergraduate research projects. His research interests are in the field of quantum mechanics, computer vision and image processing, dynamic systems and Bayesian statistics​

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Mathematics / Physics

P.O. Box 94
NL-4330 AB Middelburg
Office hours: by appointment
Tel. 0118-655519 / fax 0118-655508