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 Dr. Herman Lelieveldt

Why I work at UCR: UCR is  the place that gives me all the opportunities to teach politics in interactive and innovative ways, for example through exit-polls and problem-based learning.

What’s interesting about my discipline: Shifts in governance have radically altered the capacity of national governments to make policies that are both responsive and effective. A key focal point in the courses I teach is to investigate the ebb and flow of integration and demarcation that we witness when we observe politics over time. Are we able to set up our local, national, European and global institutions in such way that they are democratic, effective and environmentally sustainable in the long run?



Herman Lelieveldt (1967) is Associate Professor in political science and holds the Jean Monnet Chair on Food Governance in the EU. His current research focuses on the policies and politics of sustainability transformations with respect to food, energy and climate change. He is affiliated with the Future Food Utrecht Research Hub and regularly writes about food politics and sustainability issues for Follow the Money.

Key Publications (for a full list see CV Herman Lelieveldt)

  • Varieties of coal-fired power phase-out across Europe. Energy Policy. 132(C), 2019: 620-632 (with Gerrit Rentier and Gert Jan Kramer​).

  • Out of Tune or Well-Tempered? How competition agencies direct the orchestrating state. Regulation and Governance Online First (25 September 2018).

  • A biased rapporteur or politics as usual? Reassessing the balance of interests in the EU food information labelling case. Journal of European Public Policy  23 (2), 2016: 296-313. (With Anneloes Hoff and Ramon van der Does)

  • The Politics of the European Union (With Sebastiaan Princen). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (2015, Second Revised and Updated Edition).


Political Science

P.O. Box 94
NL-4330 AB Middelburg
Office hours: by appointment
Tel. 0118-655519 / fax 0118-655508