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 Christine Leedy

​Why I work at UCR ?

I find the people who work and study at UCR inspiring. It is an international community where students and teachers radiate an enthusiasm for learning.  These enthusiastic learners also take an active role in running the university college, making innovation possible. I also value how UCR reaches out to local and global communities.

What’s interesting about my work at UCR?

How we learn and why we sometimes sabotage our own best efforts are questions that fascinate me.    At UCR’s Center for Study Skills and Writing Support, I have the wonderful opportunity to help students explore ways for them to be better learners and writers and all-around happy people.

Christine works for UCR on a freelance basis offering workshops and individual support in study skills, writing and relaxation.  For the last 17 years she has taught English as a second language in the Netherlands at different educational institutions.  She now has her own business teaching Dru yoga in addition to English classes and study skills.  Contrary to finding yoga and English two distinct activities, she feels strongly that we learn (anything) best with a humanistic approach that engages the body, mind and spirit.  She received a B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Religion from Denison University in Ohio, USA.  Like UCR, Denison is a small liberal arts college which excels in inter-disciplinary teaching and research. Before moving to the Netherlands, she worked as an editor for five years at the University of Michigan.   ​

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Study Skills Center

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