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 Small-scale, Intensive and Residential

University College Roosevelt offers students a residential setting in which the foundations are laid for a successful academic or professional career. Our aim is to teach students how to communicate effectively and how to develop a critical yet creative way of thinking.

One of the defining features of UCR is its small size, with classes of no more than 25 students and a total student body of 600. This size has a distinctive impact on the educational atmosphere: students and instructors are involved in an open and informal intellectual exchange. Learn more about our Academic Program.

Each course has 30 classes per semester; each class lasts two hours and meets twice week.  The 16 hours of class that students are required to follow each week contain a mixture of (guest) lectures, debates, student presentations and individual work. All classes are taught in English. Outside of class, students are required to do a substantial amount of homework, up to a maximum of ten hours per course per week. This high pace ensures that, although the semesters only contain 15 weeks, students can reach a high level of academic achievement.

The City Campus, where students are required to live, does not only serve a social purpose, it also allows students to support and motivate each other academically. The individual rooms - with a choice of individual or shared cooking facilities - ensure that all students can benefit from each other’s social and academic support while at the same time having enough privacy in the comfort of their own rooms. Learn more about Campus Life.