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 Message from the Dean

A very warm welcome to University College Roosevelt!

You seek to go beyond yourself, both academically and as a person. You want to make a difference in the world. University College Roosevelt may well be the place for you. We are a vibrant, diverse, and international community that will help you make the most of your talents before you go out into the wider world. 

At UCR, professors encourage you to speak up in class, think for yourself without losing sight of the greater good, and engage in your own research projects. You will debate and deliberate with your fellow students from early morning until late at night, and learn how to express yourself convincingly in writing, public speaking, debate, and visual presentations. 

Guided by our academic faculty, you will gradually build your individual three-year program. We offer majors in Arts and Humanities, Social Science, Science, and—as of 2020—Engineering (and we run a pioneering phase as of Fall 2019). There are sheer endless combinations to be made from over thirty academic disciplines. The task may seem daunting, and it is. That is why we are here to help you find the pathway to your future. Studying at UCR is about thinking carefully about your passions, interests, and ambitions; learning to understand what knowledge and skills you need in order to identify and fulfil them. 

At UCR, you will hear piano music in the hallways, find scarily complex mathematical equations on the blackboard, learn to relate to fellow students from over 50 different nations; you are likely to participate in academic conferences in the Netherlands and abroad, dive into one of our global citizenship projects in Mexico, Namibia, and other places, visit Rome and Athens for Arts and antiquity classes. At UCR, you may combine arts and design with technical engineering; do our premed program without losing touch with your passion for philosophy or anthropology; bring biochemical knowledge to solutions for the world-wide waste problematic, contribute to the energy transition by looking at engineering solutions, the economics of the energy market, and the moral limits to it. And then there are the sports, the cultural committees, our cozy Common House Elliot​too much to mention, really.  

After graduation, the majority of UCR alumni go on to study at master’s programs at global top 100 universities. Next to leading Dutch universities—of which Utrecht University takes pride of place—the most popular destinations are Oxford, Cambridge, Kings College London, Edinburgh, and St. Andrews. 

Our alumni are scholars, journalists, scientists, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers, and environmentalists; lawyers, musicians, bankers, human rights activists, artists, diplomats, strategic advisors—and more. They stand out for their self-confidence, civic engagement, and sense of opportunity. They make a difference in the world.

If you too want to learn what it really takes to discover and develop your passions, interests, and ambitions, then UCR is likely to be the place for you.

Most sincerely,

Prof. Bert van den Brink, Dean


Prof. Bert van den Brink is part of the UCDN (University College Deans Network), a network of the University College Deans who meet on a regular basis to discuss points of joint interest. You can find their statement here.