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 The City Campus

University College Roosevelt is located in Middelburg, in the southwest of the Netherlands, and boasts a unique City Campus. This City Campus provides the perfect atmosphere for students, faculty and staff to live and work together.

The center of the City Campus is the former historic town hall of Middelburg which now functions as the main academic building, Franklin. Along with the other two academic buildings, Theodor and Eleanore, they make up the core of the UCR City Campus. Within a ten-minute walk, there are three residential buildings for students, a Common House, and enough restaurants and bars to satisfy the needs of all students. All residential buildings for students have cooking facilities, allowing them to provide for their own meals. For more information about life on Campus, please click here.

The City Campus permits students to become part of a tight-knit academic community. The support students receive from each other and their easy interaction with instructors is an essential part of the success of UCR. In their three years at UCR, students form life-long bonds. They also have the freedom to develop their own interests and the life skills necessary for their future after UCR. Just as much as they are part of the academic community of UCR, they are part of the vibrant community of the city of Middelburg