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 The History of UCR

On various occasions publications about University College Roosevelt, or Roosevelt Academy as we were known until February 5th, 2013, were written.

Two of these publications were written on the occasion of the departure of our founding Dean, Prof. dr. Hans P.M. Adriaansens, after whom the Hans Adriaansens Scholarship, presented by Aurora the Roosevelt Alumni Foundation, was named. Hans Adriaansens was not only the founder of UCR, but also the founding father of the University Colleges in the Netherlands, our sister college University College Utrecht being the first College.

The first publication we proudly share with you is Seven Years Down the Road, a booklet created by employees, students, alumni reflecting on the first seven years of UCR, then Roosevelt Academy.

The second publication De disciplines voorbij, De colleges van Hans Adriaansens (Beyond the disciplines, Hans Adriaansens' colleges) is a collection of mostly Dutch language essay's reflecting on the many influences Hans Adriaansens has had on the world of Dutch higher education, specifically his influence in the creation of the Liberal Arts & Science colleges, or University Colleges. The Liber Amicorum, as it is formally called, was presented to Hans Adriaansens upon his departure as Dean of Roosevelt Academy, now UCR.

The third publication UCR 10 Years celebrates the second lustrum of UCR. The book harks back to the olden days of Middelburg but it also celebrates the past 10 years of Roosevelt History.   

Founding Dean 
Prof. dr. Hans Adriaansens

Picture credit: Mark de Haan

Dean 2012-2016
Prof. dr. Barbara Oomen

Current Dean
Prof. dr. Bert van den Brink