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University College Roosevelt students have the option to spend a semester abroad at a wide range of universities. Studying abroad is an excellent way to broaden horizons, travel, learn more about other university systems, learn about other cultures and meet new friends. Studying abroad may benefit students’ master’s applications and help them decide whether to pursue a master’s program in another country. Studying abroad allows students to study such diverse topics as human rights during the Apartheid regime in South Africa, Eastern philosophy in Hong Kong, and American politics in the United States.  Foreign exchange adds a whole new challenging and exciting dimension to the undergraduate experience, whether it is as far away as New Zealand or as close as England.

Most UCR students who study abroad attend one of nearly 100 programs offered by Utrecht University. As students of Utrecht University, UCR students may participate in this exchange network.

Additionally, UCR also offers two great opportunities in North America, which are exclusively available to UCR students:

UCR students can find more information about eligibility, locations and the exchange procedure here. Exchange programs are coordinated by the Education and Student Office.

To attend UCR for a semester or year as a non-degree, visiting student, please see the Visiting Student Program.