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 The First Year

The first year of studying at University College Roosevelt is an eye-opening experience for many students. Apart from the obvious excitement of starting a new phase in life, moving to a new city and meeting new people, it is also the year in which many students will discover where their true academic passions lie.

The importance of the Tutor

During the first week, students will be assigned a Tutor, a senior faculty member who advises them in their choice of courses, helps them with any questions or problems they might encounter, and serves as their academic coach throughout their stay at UCR.

Of the four courses taken in the first semester, one is the 100-level Methods and Statistics, and another one will be a course in Academic Writing and Presenting. Placement in the other two courses will be based on the information provided during the admissions process.

At the end of the first semester, students, with the help of their tutors, will evaluate their first fifteen weeks. Which courses did they enjoy, which courses were harder, which changes can students make to make their academic and personal life more successful? Based on this discussion, they will come up with four courses to take in the next semester. These courses will usually be chosen from different departments, which will help students broaden their academic view and to find out which courses and tracks interest them the most.

As the first year draws to a close, students meet once again with their Tutor. It is at this point that students decide on their major. Looking at their experiences over the past year and the eight courses taken, students will have to decide whether to major in the Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences or Science. From 2020 onwards, students may also decide to major in Engineering.