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 UCR Research

University College Roosevelt is a teaching college that prides itself on teaching excellence. But teaching excellence cannot be attained and specifically maintained in academic higher education without a robust research infrastructure that supports the teaching. That is why UCR instructors are also researchers.
They engage in two forms of research. The first is recognizable to all academics working in large research universities, namely, personal research projects. This is research that is conducted individually or nationally (with a small number of colleagues) or internationally (in a larger research group). Many local, national and international research collaborations involving UCR faculty are ongoing, leading to publications and research grants. The second form of research is undergraduate research: work which often starts in the classroom with a research design session and ends up with faculty members pursuing a research project together with their Bachelor students through the pedagogically enriching process of data collection, data analysis and research presentation. Such faculty/undergraduate student teams then present their work at conferences and also follow-up by publishing it together as joint authors in peer reviewed journals. Undergraduate research is particularly suitable in a liberal arts and sciences, international, honors setting like UCR offers.
UCR also has research hubs and research topics. Hubs include KAIROS, the interdisciplinary research centre for the study of rhetoric (communication, cognition and culture) in all its forms; the ‘History of Zeeland in the World’ concentration and the ‘Alzheimer Group’.  Successful, grant supported, research topics in the recent past have been the ‘going glocal’ project and the ‘Terra II’ project.
For further details see the 2015 and 2016 annual research report: ARR 2015 and ARR 2016.
Prof. dr. M. (Michael) Burke
Director of Research