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 UCARE curriculum

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Universal Curriculum against Radicalization in Europe (UCARE) 


UCARE is a civic and social competences curriculum for adolescents.  It provides educational tools to foster citizenship and social skills in high-school students, with the aim of preventing processes of radicalization. The curriculum consists of seven consecutive workshops that can be fitted within regular classes and can be delivered by a teacher or an external trainer. The workshops can be extended to more lessons if needed. The step-by-step trainer manual and additional lesson materials make preparations easy. Delivering the workshops/lessons of the curriculum does not require specialist expertise in psychology, although basic teachers training and the ability to guide class discussions are helpful. By design, the curriculum also does not require knowledge of the issue of radicalization. Trainers are not required to deal with controversial political or religious issues in the class any more than in an average interactive class. Competences addressed in the curriculum are of every-day relevance for students, and are addressed in a way that makes their personal usefulness for individuals instantly clear. The pilot implementations confirmed that the workshops are positively received by students, and that students find them personally useful. From the perspective of a student the curriculum is primarily a training in useful social competences. Nevertheless, the competences honed by the curriculum were carefully selected to form a basis for resilience against factors leading towards radicalization. The goals of the curriculum match the goals of citizenship education set by the Dutch government.

The electronic version of the curriculum manual is available from this website in: English, Dutch and Spanish. The password to open the manual and auxiliary materials is provided to all registered users. Registration is free of charge.

If you are considering implementing the curriculum please contact us, we can provide help with setting up implementation and provide materials for evaluation. It is also possible to arrange training for the teachers/trainers.

On this website you can also find materials for individual independent lessons for schools which would like to implement these within subject classes or to extend the basic UCARE curriculum. More information can be found on the Single Lesson Materials page.

Titles of workshops:

  1. Who Are We?

  2. You’re in Control

  3. How to Resist Pressure

  4. Standing in Someone Else’s Shoes

  5. Thinking Things Through

  6. Changing the World I

  7. Changing the World II



Educating for Safe and Democratic Societies:

The Instructor's Handbook for the Civic and Social Competences Curriculum for Adolescents UCARE


The UCARE curriculum can be downloaded free of charge in English, Dutch and Spanish. To obtain the password to gain access to the manual, please register first.

The UCARE curriculum was developed at University College Roosevelt as part of the TERRA II project.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication (communication) reflects the views of the authors only, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

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