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 Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research (UR) is a centrally important activity at UCR. For a teaching college, UR is also the ideal way to support faculty whose main work is focused on teaching and college service. Working in teams with talented UR students on contemporary societal research projects gives energy and dynamism to students and faculty alike.


The undergraduate research community is funded through the student undergraduate research fund (SURF) which helps students financially with either internships for data collection or for presenting their work at either senior international research conferences or undergraduate research conferences. UCR funded 22 such projects in 2015. UCR students presented their research at major international conferences in, for example, the UK (stylistics/linguistics), Norway (psychology) and Denmark (psychology). Research internships were conducted in Bogota and New York and closer to home in Utrecht, Nieuwegein and Eindhoven. More than twenty UCR students were also selected to present their research at the national undergraduate research conference held in November 2015 in Middelburg.  


Undergraduate research is also funded at UCR through the Utrecht University PUUR project (the Program for Upgrading Undergraduate Research), which UCR shares with her sister college University College Utrecht. It is a two-year program (2015-2016). Four PUUR UR research seminars are planned in this two-year period. One of those seminars, which was on human rights, took place in 2015 in cooperation with the Center for Humanities at Utrecht University. A publication (an edited volume) of the students’ work is forthcoming in 2016. The other three are running in 2016. The PUUR project also stimulates research within UU by means of summer internships whereby students work alongside both senior scholars and their PhD students, usually gathering and analyzing data. In 2015 two UCR students took up such an internship, one of whom went on to become a member of the main research team, attending a conference with them in Poland in the autumn to present the findings of the project. More students are research active in Utrecht in the spring and summer of 2016. Activities are hosted on the PUUR webpage in Utrecht:

Erasmus+ BLASTER

In addition to the SURF and PUUR programs, UCR is also active in UR within the Erasmus+ BLASTER grant framework (the “best of liberal arts and sciences expanded and reinforced”): Undergraduate Research is one of the three core pillars within that project. 


UCR also produces an annual edition of the undergraduate research journal Ad Astra and has done so for the past decade

The current undergraduate research director is Prof. Dr. Michael Burke. He also produced the 2015 and 2016 annual research report where you can find more details: ARR 2015 and ARR 2016.