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The centre will conduct interdisciplinary research on the theme of rhetoric in the related fields of communication, discourse, literature, culture, cognition, history, education and citizenship. The activities of the research centre, and the scholars and students within it, will cluster around the theme of Prof. Burke’s UU chair of rhetoric.

KAIROS seeks to stimulate a dynamic, research environment for all UCR faculty wishing to participate, and especially for humanities faculty working in the A&H and ACC departments. The humanities research that will be conducted will be closely related to the UCR educational research mission and to the province of Zeeland

The goals of the research centre are to:

  1. Work with local, national and international partners
  2. Secure national and European research grants for various projects, including the funding of  PhD students that will fall under the supervision of the Chair of Rhetoric
  3. Produce multi-authored articles and books with top-level international publishers
  4. Attract top scholars and scientists to Middelburg to hold workshops and give guest lectures 5 Hold regular symposia and conferences
  5. Forge stronger links with existing humanities research institutes at Utrecht University - and  with other institutes of higher education (national and international)