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 Art & Design Practice Track

​UCR's Arts & Humanities Department has started a new special Track in Art & Design Practice. Created for students who wish to combine their passion for art and design with their academic interests.

By taking UCR’s Art & Design Practice courses within your Liberal Arts & Sciences program, you will develop conceptual and practical skills in art and design. You will investigate, amongst others, the following questions: how do you see the world? Which ideas does the world need today? How can you visually articulate, materialize, put into action and share an idea? How does an idea function within a given context?

The courses in the Art & Design Practice track use inspiring practical assignments, in which you learn to make unexpected and meaningful connections between yourself, things, persons and places. A large part of the program is dedicated to making objects and interventions based on these connections. Professional artists and designers with a research-based practice will be your instructors.

At UCR, students are offered a broad and rich academic background. This means that UCR is looking for students whose interests go beyond art and design. If the thought of combining practice-based art and design courses with academic courses in, for example, Human Geography, Art History, Economics, Anthropology, Creative Writing, Psychology, Politics, Law, Philosophy, Earth Science, Music or Life Science appeals to you, UCR may be the right place for you to study. Who knows – you might become the “poetic politician”, “healthcare designer” or “ethical economist” the world of tomorrow needs!


Please download the Art & Design Practice Track brochure here.


Preliminary drawing for the Art & Design Practice track, Sophie Krier, UCR artist-in-residence, 2015.