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 Going Glocal

UCR’s ‘Going Glocal’ program is a pioneering effort in education and research on 'global citizenship' in the Netherlands. It aims to foster education geared towards social responsibility and the exercise of critical citizenship. Students in the Going Glocal program do research and volunteer work in communities in Opuwo, Namibia and Oaxaca, Mexico.

Global justice

The programme connects schools in Zeeland, The Netherlands to communities in Opuwo, Namibia and Oaxaca, Mexico. It promotes a cross-generational understanding based on a south-north dialogue and learning experience. Its framing is grounded on current literature and practice of democratic citizenship, global justice, human rights education, and decolonial understanding.

Following courses and doing an internship

After an intensive university preparatory course and initial contacts with a school in Zeeland, UCR students participate in a summer internship in Namibia (2012, 2014) or Mexico (2013, 2014). During the internship period they will work with Namibian and Mexican youth on projects pertaining to education, health, sports, social movements, social justice and the rights of indigenous peoples. After the internship, UCR students will develop teaching materials to disseminate their understanding of global citizenship among schoolchildren of the province of Zeeland.

Doing research and developing teaching materials

The programme’s output will focus on the production of materials and curricula for global citizenship education, as well as original research papers and policy recommendations on global citizenship education. The programme will also develop indicators for global citizenship and – on that basis – strengthen not only the ‘going glocal’ programme itself, but also education for (global) citizenship in Zeeland schools. In these ways, the results will complement the transformative learning experiences for the university and school students directly involved with a scientifically founded contribution to strengthening global citizenship in the Netherlands.

The ‘Going Glocal’ programme is made possible thanks to the co-financing of University College Roosevelt and the ‘Subsidies for Citizenship and Development Cooperation’ (SBOS) programme of the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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