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 UCR Special Program: Music Performing

University College Roosevelt is the only institution in continental Europe where students can take English-spoken courses in musicology as well as courses in practical musical training, offering them the unique opportunity to obtain a B.A. degree which in turn enables them to continue their studies at a university (leading to a M.A. in Musicology) as well as at a conservatory (leading to a Master in Music Performance (MMus)).

The most telling and concise description of UCR's philosophy and expectations concerning music coincides with the general view occurring at British and American Universities and Colleges: "The study of music as a Liberal Art requires an integrated approach to history, theory, and performance, experience in all three fields being essential to the understanding of music as an artistic and intellectual achievement."

In order to achieve this goal, UCR not only offers courses in Music history, Music theory, and Applied Music, but also co-operates with a number of conservatories in the Netherlands.

Music Performing

The Special Program 'Music Performing' includes courses in the wide range of instruments and vocal techniques taught at regular conservatories. The Department requires that students have lessons from its own instructors or from instructors teaching at a conservatory. Keyboard-instruments (including Carillon) are taught in Middelburg. The famous, newly restored main organ of the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) is available for UCR organ lessons. Instruments at UCR, at the Zeeuwse Muziekschool and in the Zeeland library -- all in Middelburg -- are available for studying and teaching purposes.

The Roosevelt College Choir

Singing in the Roosevelt College Choir is regarded as (compulsory) performing tuition. In addition, students following the Performing track have to attend all offered Music Theory and Music History courses. Within the Music Performing track, students can take a maximum of six courses; this number should however always match the number of Musicology (i.e. Music History and Music Theory) courses taken at UCR. Each Music Performing course includes weekly solfège tuition (mandatory).

Admission to the Music Performing Program 

In order to be admitted to the Music Performing track, students have to express their interest to the chair of Musicology and Music Performing (Prof. Dr. Albert Clement). In case of a positive recommendation, students will take part in an audition (minimum required: grade 8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music). Some general information can be found at the Fontys website ( During this admission exam, musical and instrumental/vocal development will be tested according to the admission requirements as listed in the Fontys and Codarts Conservatory brochures. This will decide if a candidate will be admitted to the Music Performing track. Those students who have shown sufficient talent but who have not yet mastered the agreed entry standard for the Music Performing track may be admitted to 0-level course (only one semester).  They may benefit from the 100-level History and Theory Courses, but will not receive credits from UCR for the development of their instrumental/vocal skills until they have reached the agreed standard.

More information?

Please contact Prof. Albert Clement ( or call 0031- (0) 118-655500. You can download the brochure here.