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 Pre-Medical Program

UCR’s Science Department has a popular pre-medical program for students who are interested in a scientific medical career, but who are also interested in other academic disciplines, like biomedical sciences or biopharmaceutical sciences. Besides general courses in the life sciences, such as Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, students are also offered several courses with a specific focus on medical subjects, including Functional Anatomy, Infection, Immunology, Pharmacology, Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Diseases.

For students with a broad range of interests

It is important to note that UCR’s pre-medical program is not designed as a specific training program in the medical profession. The pre-medical program consists of a set of courses from the so-called Biomedical and the Life Sciences tracks. These two tracks are embedded in a liberal arts and science curriculum. At University College Roosevelt, students are offered a broad and rich academic background. Subjects such as Mathematics, Research Methods and Statistics, and a second foreign language are required parts of the program. In other words: UCR is particularly looking for students whose interests go beyond the medical profession. If the thought of combining courses in biomedical and life sciences with courses in psychology, ethics, law, or even art history, computer science or music appeals to you, UCR may be the right place for you to study!

After the pre-medical program

After graduating from UCR, students need to apply to the master program of their choice. Any student that completes the pre-medical program should be prepared for medical master's programs. For example all UCR students who have completed the premedical program are eligible to write the qualifying exam for the Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) program at Utrecht University, the Arts-Klinisch Onderzoeker program (AKO) of the University at Maastricht, and the Medical Masters programs in Groningen (ZIG) and Amsterdam.

For the Dutch Masters programs, the students need to write the qualifying exams in Dutch, but non-Dutch speaking students can enroll in Dutch courses at UCR, and non-Dutch speaking students in the past have entered Dutch medical masters programs.  In addition, it is possible to apply to medical masters programs abroad. As in some countries -- such as the U.S. -- medical schools only start at the master level, a Bachelor of Science from UCR will serve as a good starting point.

It should be noted that acceptances at medical master programs are not automatic; admission is usually dependent on performance in entrance exams, interviews, letters of reference, etc. In the last five years our students have completed the entrance exams for Dutch medical masters programs. The vast majority of our students have passed the qualifying exams and every year, and one to two thirds of our students have been accepted at one of these programs each year.  For the Dutch medical masters' programs it has become evident that a first-class academic record is what is needed, and that a clear interest in medical science is essential. The completion of an independent research project or honour's thesis is therefore highly recommended.

Courses in the pre-medical program:

SCI 363 Molecular Pathology and Genetics  

More information?

Please contact us by phone: 0031- (0)118-655500 or by e-mail: You can download the brochure here.

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