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 ACC 321 - Creative Writing: A Stylistic Approach


This course has a number of aims. One is to continue to improve and hone the English writing skills of students through production of creative texts that will receive constant feedback from the instructor and student peers to make them aware that creative nonconformity in written language production should be a conscious decision and not a language error. Another is to put into practice the methodological tools that have been previously learned in ACC120 and ACC220, thus allowing students to produce deviant, soundly structured, well-crafted literary texts. The controlled production of several written texts in English will be the core aim of this course. This course will thus focus on the production of short prose pieces, textual fragments, and poetic texts. Emphasis will be on invention and arrangement of creative texts, as well as focusing on English language skills. This course will thus build on the ACC 120 and 220 courses. This course will naturally involve considerable amounts of writing, and students are expected to carry out a number of advanced writing exercises as well as continuously review the work of their peers. By the end of the semester, students will assemble a portfolio of their best work, which will be graded. Classes will meet twice a week and will consist of in-class exercises, discussion of relevant readings, workshopping work in progress, and reviewing one another's work. Grades will be composed of active participation, a midterm prose piece, portfolio, and end of semester poem.


Dr. Chad Weidner

Rhetoric & Argumentation


The following course is required in order to take this course:

  • ACC 120 Introduction to Rhetoric and Argumentation

  • ACC 220 Stylistics

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