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 ACC 110 - Methods & Statistics I


The Academic Core course Research Methodology and Statistics I is a general introduction to research methodology and statistics and includes both theoretical and applied components. During the first part of the course, students build a theoretical background in basic research methodologies and statistics. The introduction to methodology includes the logics and design of research (e.g., operationalization, experimental design, sampling), and some specific techniques (e.g., laboratory research, surveys). The introduction to statistics includes descriptive and inferential statistics, covering measures of central tendency, spread, association, univariate and bivariate inferential statistics, and analysis of variance. During the second part of the course, students apply this knowledge in planning and conducting their own research projects in small groups. For this project, students decide on appropriate research instruments, design, and sampling methods to gather and record data. They then test their research hypotheses using appropriate statistical analyses, and prepare formal reports and presentations of their results.


Dr. Marcin Sklad, Sarah Carter MSc., Dr. Joseph Resovsky and Dr. Snežana Stupar-Rutenfrans



Methods & Statistics

Required for

This course is required in order to take the following courses:


  • ACC 210 Methods & Statistics II
  • ACC 211 Qualitative Methods: Theory and Practice I