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 ACC 195 - Dutch I


The aim of this course is to develop basic knowledge of the Dutch language to enable students to interact with the local society around them. The course enables students to understand uncomplicated oral and written communication from a variety of social situations that they may encounter in daily life in the Netherlands.

The course integrates language instruction with cultural awareness, helping students to understand the present-day Dutch environment and assisting them with integrating in Dutch Society. The language instruction will concentrate on Dutch grammar and communication. Class meetings will make use of a variety of interactive exercises for practicing grammatical constructions and how to use them in speaking (day to day conversations), listening (cd tracks and videos), reading (articles) and writing skills (assignments). The construction of basic Dutch sentences, with plural forms, negation, present, past and future tenses, modal verbs, adjectives, personal pronoun, and the comparative and superlative will be looked at.

Students are encouraged to actively participate so that at the end of this course they can manage with uncomplicated Dutch language. The language spoken in class will be mainly Dutch, although some grammar may be explained in English when necessary. Cultural themes will provide insights into Dutch society, enabling students to reflect on their own culture and encouraging them to enhance their critical thinking.  Activities may include watching Dutch films, reading Dutch articles, and listening to Dutch songs, through which students can develop their language skills. Students are required to prepare an English-language presentation on a relevant Dutch topic for the class, and a conversation evening with Dutch locals and several excursions to sites of local interest will also improve the interaction of the students with their daily environment in Middelburg.


Elise Koolhaas or Christine Crommelin




There are no prerequisites for this course.