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 ACC 281 - German II


The aim of this course is participation in the cultural and academic life in German language. 

Grammatically, this course concentrates on the use of indirect speech. This will enable the students to take an active part in all sorts of discussions, debates and writings about any subject of cultural and academic interest as well as analyse the language used in texts, lectures and discussions to portray specific stylistic, social and cultural aspects.

Reading materials can include specific texts from different cultural areas. Each course will have a central topic and discussions will concentrate on it. The vocabulary should reach ca.  1300-1500 words, sufficient for participation in all kinds of everyday and academic discussions.  


Drs. Kathrin Twiesselmann-Steigerwald





  • ACC 181 or

  • 5 years of German at high school with a good grade or

  • Diploma for reaching CEF-level B1