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 ACC 295 - Dutch II


The aim of this course is to develop deeper knowledge of the Dutch language to enable students to interact with the local society around them. The course enables students to understand more complicated oral and written communication from a variety of social situations that they may encounter in daily life in the Netherlands. A focus on Dutch culture is integrated into the course.

The language instruction will concentrate on grammatical correctness and communication. Class meetings will make use of a variety of interactive exercises (using newspapers, articles, television and radio) for practicing grammatical constructions and perfecting speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The construction of more complex Dutch sentences using past tenses, demonstrative pronouns, use of ‘er’ and ‘om te’, imperative, direct speech, separable and reflexive verbs will be looked at. Writing skills for informal letters will also be practiced. Dutch cultural topics are integrated throughout the language instruction. Students are required to prepare a presentation for their fellow students in Dutch on a Dutch topic. At the end of the course students also have to write a paper that is related to this topic. The cultural dimension of the course also includes a Dutch film night, a conversation evening with Dutch locals, a guest lecture by a Dutch inhabitant of Middelburg and a historical excursion through Middelburg. This will contribute to improving the interaction of the students with their daily environment in Middelburg.








  • ACC 195 - Dutch I

If in doubt, or if you think you already have a sufficient level to enter the course, please discuss this with the instructor.