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 ACC 361 - Media Literacy


“MEDIA LITERACY is the ability to read, analyze, evaluate, and produce communication in a variety of media forms.”  (definition by the Media Literacy Leadership Institute 1992).   “Being media literate involves applying critical thinking skills to the mass media, and finding meanings beneath the surface of [...] content. It also involves reasoning clearly about controversies that may involve the websites students use, the mobile devices they carry, the TV shows they watch, the music they hear, the magazines they read, and much more. It means becoming a more aware and responsible our media driven society.”  (J.Turow 2011).    This course aims to help you to think critically about media output and the media choices you as a student and citizen make: you will analyze, interpret and evaluate media output as well as actively create your own. You will write media reports, take part in student-led seminar discussions, and devise and carry out an activity in the local community aimed at increasing media literacy.  This course integrates cultural, technological, and economic perspectives on mass media and visual communication and also focuses on journalism, public relations and advertising.






  • ACC 260 English for Academic Purposes