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 ACC 375 - French III


This course subtitled ‘un panorama générale de la littérature Française du XVIIème au XXème siècle, des auteurs phares, de grandes questions’ is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of French culture and literature through the ages. French literature is the backbone to a better understanding of the French, their culture and their language. The historical settings and political questions enlightened by such writers and thinkers like Molière, Corneille, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Marguerite Duras will enlighten your understanding of the French mind. In fact, throughout the centuries these writers have made their mark in the whole of the Western world and beyond. French has been the language of the intelligentsia, the diplomacy and the rulers of the world. ‘Tolerance, happiness, religion, human rights…’ are all treated in their Works. You learn to discuss and write your analysis (‘argumentation’) in French and in the French way.






The following course is required in order to take this course:
  • ACC 275