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 ACC 391 - Spanish III


The mission statement of UCR (as an international LAS college) is to educate responsible global citizens and the ACC 191 Spanish course aims to contribute to this mission. As part of this curriculum, cultural knowledge and intercultural communication are integrated in the language learning process.

This course adopts an academic approach and combines general language with Spanish for specific purposes (intermediate level). It encompasses a variety of assignments designed to make the students think critically by analysing language structures in communicative contexts and specific cultural elements -globally and/or particularly- so that students are confronted with other ways of thinking.

The linguistic contents of this course are: intermediate grammar structures, consolidation of perfecto/indefinido and introduction of imperfect. All skills are practiced and assignments are more complex and demanding than the ones done in the 200 level Spanish course: listening to audio-visual material, writing texts, reading adapted texts from different cultural spheres and speaking in non-guided conversation exercises. This course also includes research assignments. Accordingly, this rich variety of exercises aims to fulfil the needs of a LAS student.

The course will be taught in neutral Spanish to facilitate communication with any Spanish speaking person.








  • ACC 291 or
  • 6 years of Spanish at high school or
  • DELE diploma, level A2.