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 ACC 395 - Dutch III


This course aims to improve and develop skills and strategies for students to understand complicated oral and written communications in Dutch.  This may be required in a variety of social situations, including part-time employment and/or future studying in the Netherlands.  Assignments are designed to make the students think critically. The course also focuses on Dutch culture in relation to language.

Integrating language and culture: students will improve their knowledge and abilities in the Dutch language while at the same time interacting with aspects of (local) Dutch society and culture. This will assist with their integration and participation in Dutch society.

The classes will be in Dutch.  At the end of this course students will be able to understand written and oral language on familiar topics, as well as more complicated texts that will be encountered in Dutch media on topics such as politics, future employment and study prospects, and art and literature. Students will also be able to engage in discussions covering current-day events.  The course includes writing formal letters and essays, involving grammar constructions such as the relative pronoun, indirect speech, the passive voice and subordinated sentences. Language skills and cultural knowledge and awareness will be integrated in writing an essay and giving a presentation, in Dutch, on a theme chosen by the student. 

Language acquisition through culture will build upon what students have learned in previous courses, enhancing their critical thinking. More complex exercises will be introduced in order to consolidate the learning process, including the use of Dutch newspaper articles for discussion on specific topics, local excursion(s), and the use of film, music and literature as the basis for Dutch-language presentations. Students will meet local inhabitants as a part of a speaking project aiming at enhancing oral communication.  The students will also set up and conduct ‘life interviews’ with local residents of their choice, which can be filmed, as a separate course project.








  • ACC 295 - Dutch II

If in doubt, or if you think you already have a sufficient level to enter the course, please discuss this with the instructor.

International Students who would like to pursue their studies in the Netherlands should take this course so that they can then follow the preparatory course NT2-2 (national Dutch exam) elsewhere.