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 A&H 175 - World History


The world, it is often quipped, has become a global village. This course aims to introduce students to the study of history from a world, transnational and comparative perspective. Grounded in a survey of long term developments students will learn to discuss world history and its relevance for critical evaluations of claims about trends in today’s world, partly drawing on insights from the social sciences, geography and cultural studies. Apart from discussing the long-term history of world civilizations and entangled histories (classical text book World History), the course will introduce students to the ways in which historians and historical sociologists today deal with specific themes and issues from the field of World and Global History, with a focus on scholarly work related to the rise of world systems, modern global society and globalization. Rather than study facts and theories, students will be introduced to historical thinking and they will be trained in a set of historical skills. They will learn to apply historical criticism to basic text book knowledge by critically interpreting primary, secondary and tertiary sources (not only texts, but also artefacts and visual media). Students will also be trained to use the collections of local libraries, museums, and archives in the region. A two-day tour of the Scheldt region as a world historical region will focus on the historical ‘reading’ of traces of history in landscapes and cityscapes.​





Required for

This course is required in order to take the following course:

  • A&H 274 From Rome to the Renaissance: Byzantium and its Neighbours, 300- 1453 AD

This course is an alternative requirement for the following courses:

  • A&H 206 Ancient History
  • A&H 278 History of Empires
  • A&H 279 Western Way of War
  • A&H 287 History of Women and Gender