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 SCI 191 - Introductory Science Laboratory


The laboratory experiments during the course cover a wide range of experimental skills that students would need to acquire in most scientific disciplines. The focus of this course is not to learn in-depth chemistry, but to learn how to operate safely in a laboratory. Therefore, there are no in depth lecture sessions included in this course. Instead, a course book on the PRACTICAL SKILLS is the basis for the course.

The course is a recommended course for all science and medicine majors. Learning how experimental data are obtained and how they should be analyzed is important when either continuing in practical research or when depending on practical research. Experiments are the foundation of many new discoveries in science and also provide proof for computer modeling of experiments. After attending this course the student will be able to plan and carry out experiments while taking safety aspects into account and be able to clearly report the experimental results. Also, observational and experimental skills are developed.

The course will be adjusted to cater more specifically the interests of students, either science or medicine. Therefore, there will be SCI191a (medicine) and SCI191b (science). The construction of a SCI291b course is part of a TRACK CHANGE; the plan is to have a science laboratory track and a medicine laboratory track at all three levels. The third level is a research lab course.

This course is a pre-requisite for SCI291 and/or SCI391. Students taking SCI191a or SCI191b can still choose which track they would like/need to finish. For now, it is possible to continue right away with SCI391 after a course in SCI191a/b until the track changes have been completely implemented. However, taking SCI291 to complete laboratory skills in life s​ciences is highly recommended before taking SCI391 in environmental science.


Dr. Renata van der Weijden or Dr. Leon van den Broeke and P. van Rossum , M.Sc.




The following are required in order to take this course:

  • ​High school chemistry and preferably also physics and mathematics (check your knowledge of chemistry nomenclature using appendix VI). 
  • For Dutch students a higher education profile “Natuur en Techniek” or “Natuur en Gezondheid” is required. 
  • All other students are expected to have taken a minimum of 6 years of Chemistry. 
  • Computer skills using Excel, Word (and SPSS) are highly desirable for data analysis and writing lab reports, but a brief introduction to using Excel for graphs can be given.

Required for

This course is required in order to take the following courses:

  • SCI 226 Biochemistry
  • SCI 291 Life Science Laboratory
  • SCI 363 Molecular Pathology and Genetics
  • SCI 391 Advanced Science Laboratory ​​