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 SCI 234 - Human Physiology


Physiology is the study of the normal functioning of a living organism and its component parts, including all its chemical and physical processes. In this course, the focus is the function of the adult human body and of different organ systems. Knowledge of the subject is essential for students with a medical interest and recommended for every student interested in the function (s) of the (own) human body.


Dr. Frans van Overveld​ 


Biomedical Science

Additional information

SCI 234 is complementary and forms a triad with SCI 261 Functional Anatomy and SCI 262 Mechanisms of Diseases. SCI 234 is part of the Pre-medical program. 


The following course is required in order to take this course:

  • SCI 131 Introduction to Life Science

Required for

This course is required in order to take the following course:

  • SCI 261 Mechanisms of Disease
  • SCI 332 Cellular and Molecular Physiology
  • SCI 337 Pharmacology