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 SCI 235 - Psycholinguistics


Psycholinguistics is the study of the neurobiological and psychological factors that enable us to acquire, use, and understand language. Modern research makes use of cognitive psychology, neuroscience and computer sciences to study how the brain processes language. Students will be familiarized with a variety of topics ranging from the basic structure of the brain to theoretical and experimental issues in speech production, comprehension and language impairment. Evolutionary aspects as well as the development of brain and language will be discussed in depth. Students will also learn about current theoretical and experimental approaches to the study of language and they are expected to become capable of understanding human linguistic capacity as the focus of multidisciplinary research.

Dr. Gerda Andringa​

Cognitive Science


One of the following courses is required in order to take this course:

  • SCI 135 Introduction to Cognitive Science
  • A&H 126 Introduction to English Linguistics
  • SSC 121 Introduction to Psychology

Required for

This course is an alternative requirement for the following course:

  • A&H 225 S​ociolinguistics