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 SCI 332 - Cellular and Molecular Physiology


​Physiology can be described as the dynamic study of life, i.e. the study of the vital functions of living organisms and their organs, cells and molecules. In this cellular physiology course we will focus on the functioning of the human body at the level of individual cells and the integration of the cellular functions at the organ and whole body levels.

In this respect, physiology can be divided up to various degrees of reductionism, dealing with a range of subjects in the functioning of the body. As the latter depends on the functioning of individual organ systems, which depend on how the component cells function, which in turn depends on the interactions among subcellular organelles and molecules, the study of the functioning of the human body requires an integrated understanding of events on the level of molecules, cells and organs.



Life Science


The following course is required in order to take this course:

  • SCI 234  Human Physiology