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 SSC 111 - Introduction to Sociology


This course is designed to introduce students to sociological thinking. Students will get acquainted with key thinkers of the sociological tradition such as Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber.

Furthermore, the course will mix the study of the founding fathers of sociology with a contemporary text in sociology: Richard Sennett’s Respect. The formation of character in an age of inequality. So as to encourage transversal reading and thinking. Thus, the course will sway between the theoretical roots of sociology and its contemporary questions. The students are expected to understand the current value of classical thought and learn to develop relevant and informed ways of thinking the social problems of our times.

The founding fathers of Sociology faced the necessity to understand the changes in western society with the surge of industrial capitalism, or more generally 'modernity' in the late XVIII and the XIX Century. We will explore how much the ideas that they developed are still useful; and more importantly we will see how the questions that they posed are still open today.

Not only do the students of this course will get acquainted with the major sociological traditions, but they will learn to​ develop a way of thinking and a way of building research questions in a sociologically informed way. The course will hopefully leave more open questions than answers in the student’s mind.






Required for

This course is required in order to take the following courses:

  • SSC 216 New Social and Political Movements
  • SSC 243 Environment and Society
  • SSC 311 New Issues in Contemporary Sociology

This course is an alternative requirement for the following courses:

  • SSC 215 Consumer Society and Media
  • SSC 231 Anthropology and the Study of Politics
  • SSC 232 The Development Encounter: Anthropological Perspectives
  • SSC 233 Religion and Modernization: An Anthropological Approach
  • SSC 242 Cities: A Global Perspective
  • SSC 244 Urban Geography: Urbanization and Cities of the Advanced Economies 
  • SSC 312 Contemporary Latin American Social Theory
  • SSC 313 Migration and Integration
  • SSC 332 The Dynamics of Globalization
  • SSC 333 Anthropology of European Transition
  • SSC 334 Advanced Cultural Studies
  • SSC 341 Power and Space​