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 SSC 216 - New Social and Political Movements


In recent years sociologist have witness enormous changes in the way people relates to the political sphere. The way people participate in political life has exceeded the dimension of the nation-state and of national and international institutions. The begin​ning of the 21st Century has been marked by the widespread emergence of social and political movements. People are coordinating at the local and global level campaigns to enhance global justice. These movements range from environmental concerns, women rights, to the promotion of peace or the defence of human rights, among many others.

There is an skyrocketing body of literature that is trying to get to grips with this transformations of the political sphere that interconnect the local and global level while at the same time challenging the borders of the state. The course thus revises the emergence of these movements, their interaction and assesses the way in which they are transforming social and political life.


Dr. Rolando Vázquez Melken​​




The following course is required in order to take this course:

  • SSC 111 Introduction to Sociology
  • Any 200- level on anthropology or human geography also suffices as a prerequisite. 

​Required for

This course is required in order to take the following courses:

  • ​300-level courses in Anthropology or Human Geography