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 SSC 311 - New Issues in Contemporary Sociology

New Issues in Contemporary Sociology builds on the subjects that have been studied in the first level course: Introductory Sociology (SSC 111) and the second level course: Modern Sociology (SSC 211). The focus of this third level course is on key debates in Contemporary Sociology. We will thus read the texts of the thinkers that are today struggling to understand and change the world in which we live.

The main objective of this course on New Issues in Contemporary Sociology is to introduce students to a variety of debates and thinkers that have changed the course of sociology at the turn of the century. We will read a book from one of the leading figures in contemporary debates on Social Thought: Michel Foucault.. This will allow us to move in an informed way into key debates as they are addressed by Walter Benjamin, Frantz Fanon, Raymond Williams. Jacques Derrida, Edward Said, Jean Baudrillard, Chandra Mohanty among others. New Issues in Contemporary Sociology is designed to show students the open horizon of contemporary sociology. A key objective of the course is to give more questions than answers. It is in front of these open questions that the students will have the opportunity to read and write reflexively.

The educational objective of the course is to give the students a large panorama of contemporary issues in sociology and how these topics call for an interdisciplinary approach in which sociology becomes a window to see the importance of other disciplines. A second objective of the course is to develop a critical and creative way of thinking. The students should develop a way to see the problems of the world in which they live and even of their personal environment in a sociologically informed way.

This course will give the students the ability to use contemporary texts in Sociology to enrich their arguments and advance the quality of their final year research projects.




The following course is required in order to take this course:

  • SSC 111 Introduction to Sociology 
  • And one of the following courses:
    • SSC 211 Modern Sociology
    • SSC 215 Consumer Society and Media
    • SSC 216 New Social and Political Movements
    • ​SSC 312 Contemporary Latin American Social Theory