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 SSC 322 - Development Psychology


The main goal of this course is to introduce the student to the concepts, issues and me-thods in the field of Developmental Psychology, which is concerned mainly with the human development, its descriptions and understandings. Developmental Psychology is approached in the course as an interdisciplinary field of study, devoted to the understanding of human constancies and changes throughout the lifespan. Although great diversity exists among investigators who study human development, most of them have as common goal the desire to describe and identify the factors that influence consistencies and transformations in human beings from conception to death.

This course will address the following subject areas:

  1. Historical and contemporary views, and main theories of Developmental Psychology;
  2. Biological and environmental foundations of human development;
  3. Pre-natal development and birth;
  4. Attachment and physical, cognitive, emotional and social development in infancy and toddlerhood;
  5. Physical, cognitive, emotional and social development in early and middle childhood;
  6. Physical, cognitive, emotional and social development in adolescence and early adulthood;.
  7. Physical, cognitive, emotional and social development in middle and late adulthood;
  8. Death, dying, and bereavement.
​The student should also come away from this course with a better appreciation of his/her own cognitive, emotional and social development, as well as the development of others, and also a better understanding of the importance of examining issues such as child rearing practices and education, family and relationships, vocational choice and career development, physical changes and health, individual and cultural differences, and other important matters related to the human development.



Dr. Elizabeth Wiese




The following is required in order to take this course:

  • SSC 121 Introduction to Psychology
  • And one of the following courses:
    • SSC 221 Social Psychology
    • SSC 222 Abnormal Psychology
    • ​SSC 226 Medical and Health Psychology