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 SSC 352 - European Union Politics


​With a financial crisis that keeps Europe still in its grip and a geopolitical crisis on the brink of escalation the European Union (EU) is experiencing a period in which its capabilities and strength are being put to the test. What the EU is doing and not doing is more than ever the result of the willingness and capacity of its member states and the EU institutions to use the Union as a political body, which in turn depends upon the way the different European publics, political parties and media perceive and evaluate this. More than ever it becomes clear that national politics and EU politics are interconnected, with national events affecting policy-making in the EU and EU-decisions affecting politics in the EU member states. 

European Union Politics introduces students to the actual functioning of the EU as a political system and the major analytical approaches to understand its emergence and operation. In addition to giving students a scholarly understanding of the EU through the use of textbooks and scholarly articles, the course aims to learn students to navigate the EU, through the use of many interactive exercises, that require searching, reading and analyzing EU documents from a variety of institutions.​ 


Dr. Herman Lelieveldt​


Political Science


One of the following is required in order to take this course:

  • Any 200 level Politics course
  • SSC 271 International and European Law