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 SSC 366 - Econometrics


Econometrics is based upon the development of statistical methods for estimating economic relationships, testing economic theories, and evaluating and implementing government and business policy. The most common application of econometrics is the forecasting of such important macroeconomic variables as interest rates, inflation rates, and gross domestic product.

The topics covered in this course include multiple regression analysis, simple panel data methods and instrumental variables estimation. The emphasis is on applying econometrics to real-world problems. The focus in class is not on maths but on understanding and interpreting the assumptions in light of actual empirical applications. The statistical software Stata is used throughout the course.



The following courses are required in order to take this course:

  • SSC 160 Introduction to Economics
  • And one of the following Mathematics courses:
    • SCI 110 Elementary Calculus - Concepts & Connections
    • SCI 111 Mathematical Ideas and Methods in Context
  • And one of the following Statisics courses:
    • ACC 210 Methods & Statistics II
    • ​SCI 212 Theory of Statistics and Data Analysis