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 SSC 377 - Criminal Law and Criminal Justice


This course offers an introduction to the structure and the functioning of the criminal law system, and its main legal concepts (legality, legal causality and culpability, due process). The main principles of criminal law and the law of criminal procedure will be discussed from a comparative and international vantage point. In addition, students will be introduced to the interdisciplinary theory-formation and research-findings in the field of criminology. The sociological, psychological, psychiatric, economic and biological explanatory models of criminal behavior are analyzed, compared and discussed. In addition, the main guiding principles of criminal law and criminal procedure will be presented and investigated and the moral and legal debate on the justification of punishment will be on the agenda. The course includes guest lectures by professionals working in the system of law enforcement and a visit to the local prison. Criminological researchers are consulted during the research projects. The course thus combines a legal perspective and a socio-legal and normative vantage point.





  • ​Any 200-level Law course