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 The Application Procedure

Each year 200 students are invited to enroll at University College Roosevelt. Approximately 100 of these students are from the Netherlands and Flanders while the other 100 students come from other areas.

Because of the diverse backgrounds of our students, their educational and personal experiences vary tremendously at application time. The Admissions Committee therefore evaluates all prospective students according to their individual merit. The final decision will be based in particular on the individual letter of motivation relating to the prospective student's interests and plans, as well as the personal interview.

The process of applying to UCR takes approximately two months and consists of the following steps:

UCR communicates primarily through e-mail. Please check your Spam folder often during the application process, as we have noticed our e-mails are sometimes registered as Spam.

​Applying for Spring 2020? Follow the procedure here​ from 15 July onwards. 

1) Complete the application form, gather supporting documents and send your application package to the Admissions Office.

2) The application is reviewed.

3) A personal interview is scheduled in the event of a positive review.

4) Within a month of the interview you will hear if the outcome of the interview is positive or not and whether you will be invited to study at UCR.

5) Once a student accepts the invitation, he or she will receive additional information from the Admissions Office and will be guided through the registration process as well as Studielink. 

Next to this application process, students also need to register through the centralized, nation-wide system called Studielink. A thorough explanation can be found on the special Studielink Registration Page.

After the orientation on the website, an interested candidate should download application form and take the following steps:

 1. Complete and send the application

All applicants should start by reading all instructions on the application form carefully. Most answers to questions can be found on our website. 

Your application consists of the application form, grades list, passport photo, letter of recommendation from your school and letter of motivation (max. 2 pages). All these documents can be sent as PDF files to or via postal mail, in one batch preferably. Make sure the letter of recommendation is sent from an official school e-mail address or in a signed and sealed envelope by postal mail. If the letter of recommendation did not clearly come from your school, we cannot accept it. If additional forms (such as the Transfer of Credit form) are required, these should be included with the application.

In most cases, applicants cannot yet send their final grades list at the time of application. In such cases, please include the most recent grades. We advise you to keep a copy of your application for your own records.If some aspects of this process remain unclear, feel free to contact the Admissions Office at 

UCR communicates primarily through e-mail. Please check your Spam folder often during the application process, as we have noticed our e-mails are sometimes registered as Spam.

2. Review of the application

Once the Admissions Office receives the application, it is given to the Admissions Committee, which reviews all applications as they arrive. The Admissions Committee decides whether to invite an applicant for a personal interview based on the information in the application. The Admissions Office will notify the applicant of this decision as soon as possible and, if positive, schedule a personal interview as the next step of this process. Again, please check your Spam folder if you have not heard from us.

3. Interview

If an applicant is invited for an interview and lives in the Netherlands or Belgium, an interview will be scheduled at UCR, as we would like to meet each applicant in person when possible and give each applicant the opportunity to meet us. Applicants from other countries can be interviewed by phone or Skype. Read more about the Interview in the ‘What to Expect During Your Interview’ section.

4. Invitation

After weighing all relevant information, the Admissions Committee will make its decisions based upon the application paperwork and the recommendations resulting from the interview. It is our aim to notify all applicants of our decision within one month of their interview. In the case of a positive recommendation, applicants can expect an invitation to study at UCR.

 5. Registration

Once an applicant has received and accepted the invitation to study at UCR, we will send instructions on how to complete the registration at UCR and register with Utrecht University through Studielink. The UCR Admissions Office will guide each new student through this simple process, which can only be completed once a new student has been accepted and registered at UCR.

Please also note the following:

UCR communicates primarily through e-mail. Please check your Spam folder often during the application process, as we have noticed our e-mails are sometimes registered as Spam.

Since almost all students apply to UCR prior to completing their preceding educational program, an invitation to study at UCR is always a conditional one. Once a new student has graduated or passed the preceding program, our offer will be finalized. For questions, or if the new student did not pass, please contact the Admissions Office.

Please makes sure to also register in Studielink. More information and detailed guidelines can be found on the dedicated Studielink Registration page.


​Questions about the admissions procedure? Feel free to contact our admissions office:

University College Roosevelt

Admissions Office

P.O. Box 94

4330 AB Middelburg

The Netherlands