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 Visa & Residence Permits

​Visa, residence permit and city registration

An entry visa (MVV in Dutch) is a sticker in your passport issued by the Dutch Embassy or Consulate in your home country (or the country in which you legally reside) which you might need to enter the Netherlands. A residence permit is a card which allows you to legally reside in the Netherlands. The city registration is important for all students who move to Middelburg.

Who needs a visa/ residence permit?

Whether you'll need an entry visa and/or a residence permit depends on your nationality. As a residence permit for study purposes is valid for a certain number of years, the university monitors the study progress of all non-EU/EEA students to make sure they can complete their studies within the allowed time frame. Student with an EU residence permit from this list, need to contact the admissions office (

Registration with the city

In the Netherlands, all citizens are registered in a national database. This is required by Dutch law. Once you register with the city you will automatically receive a BSN (Burger Service Number), which you may need to open a bank account or apply for a work permit. All students who are staying in the Netherlands for more than 4 months are required by law to register.

This means that all students who do not live in the city of Middelburg must register at the town hall of Middelburg themselves. (bring a copy of your passport and/or EU Identity card)

EU‐nationals and Dutch nationals registered as citizens in a country other than the Netherlands need  to bring

- Valid passport and/or EU Identity card

- If you were born outside the Netherlands a legalized copy of your birth certificate

- For students from the Dutch Antilles – a proof that you have discontinued your

  registration as a citizen of the Antilles.

Nationals who require a residence permit – all non‐EU nationals

- Valid passport (with the MVV sticker in your passport if your nationality

   requires you to have this).

- Legalized copy of your birth certificate

- Letter from the IND confirming your application for the VVR


​Questions about visa and residence permits? Feel free to contact our admissions office:

University College Roosevelt

Admissions Office

P.O. Box 94

4330 AB Middelburg

The Netherlands