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 Career Opportunities

Students at University College Roosevelt are exposed to many new and interesting opportunities, both academically and socially. Some students begin at UCR, unsure of the direction their studies will take them, only to find the perfect route. Others enter convinced of their path, only to find a more appealing road. And still others follow the exact road to the point they had envisioned all along. UCR students are eager young adults who graduate having developed a sense of self and life goals. Regardless of their decisions, they leave UCR with the academic skills that allow them to think critically, stay open-minded and conduct research from a multitude of angles. This is reflected in the fact that our alumni can be found working and living in a wide variety of areas in both the public and private sectors. 

Motivated and prepared for the future

Academic skills are fine-tuned at UCR through writing papers, conducting research, analyzing theories and solving complex problems. In this way, students are well prepared to make the most out of their futures and the many challenges life may throw at them along the way. In general, the Liberal Arts & Science graduate emerges motivated and prepared for the future. For this reason, more and more graduate programs and employers are coming to appreciate UCR graduates

Future Weeks

Each year the Academic Affairs Council organizes all kinds of activities that show the students the academic and professional opportunities they have. For example, by organizing workshops on different topics (such as C.V. training) and asking alumni to return to Middelburg and share their experiences.