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 Community Feeling

​For students, being part of the University College Roosevelt community is a key feature of life at UCR. But what happens once a student graduates?

Alumni stay in touch with each other, reminiscing about parties and studying in Middelburg and exchanging stories about their lives after UCR.  In the annual alumni survey, conducted three years following graduation, alumni indicate that the sense of community is a key factor in the educational experience at UCR. The alumni report that they felt supported in their personal development on campus and they valued being part of the community. Additionally, they indicate that the UCR community will form a useful network for their professional lives, as the tight-knit community creates job opportunities and helps current students select a master’s program that is just the right fit.

In addition to the personal contacts each alumnus maintains, Aurora organizes alumni reunions, networking and social activities. Upon graduation, each student becomes an alumnus of UCR and a life-long member of Aurora. As such, our global community continues to thrive. Activities organized by UCR, such as the yearly Convocation, give alumni an opportunity to visit UCR again.